"Our society has become so wrapped up with this concept. Our youth has become wrapped up with this soft grunge, sad, depressed, wallowing in our misery concept. And that’s what cool has become. It’s become cool to do drugs, and to cut yourself, and to starve yourself. And we glamorize these negative, unhealthy, toxic behaviors because they go along with other parts of our culture. And it’s unfortunate there’s great music and great literature but some of those things glamorize self harm and that’s not okay. Movies like Girl, Interrupted, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and books like Ellen Hopkins’ Impulse, and certain songs and albums. Different parts of our culture just glamorize self harm like it’s some beautiful, sad, romantic thing—And it’s not! And the problem is, kids wanna be cool and they wanna fit in, they do. And what this soft grunge mentality dose is give you something to be a part of. Everyone wants it. Everyone wants the desaturated pastel, black and white, smokin’ cigarettes, up ‘til three A.M. writing poetry in your notebook, depressed, beautiful, romance that comes with this theme and with this entity and the problem is that all these negative behaviors come with it. And that’s not okay. My objective isn’t to write your prescription that’s gonna cure you and tell you you’re okay. What I’m trying to show you is that you can be fucking cool, and you can wear leather, and listen to old Morrison vynals in your room, and stay up all night writing poetry, and run around the streets with your friends, and wear Doc Martins, smoke cigarettes—whatever, I don’t care, you’re young—but you can do all these things, and you can be a poetic, creative deep soul, and not have to hate yourself." - Ashley Frangipane (x)